How to make your posts look beautiful using Markdown

In this quick guide you will learn three things: how to format text using Markdown, where to find quality images, and what formatting tricks to avoid.

1. How to format text using Markdown

Whaleshares is very advanced in comparison with many other social media in allowing users to use Markdown, a simple tool to do common formatting such as headers, lists, links, and emphasis. Below are the most important formatting tricks to make your text look beautiful.

Use link titles, not only urls

Urls pasted directly to text look ugly. Using Markdown allows create more readable links.

To get this: My link
Use this: [My link](http://myurl)

Use headers (and not ALL CAPS or bold)

Instead of using CAPS or bold for headers, try this markup:

To get this header size: My header 1

Use this: # My header 1

To get this header size: My header 2

Use this: ## My header 2

To get this header size: My header 3

Use this: ### My header 3

To get this header size: My header 4

Use this: #### My header 4

To get this header size: My header 5

Use this: ##### My header 5

Use lists instead of paragraphs where applicable

Formatting lists is very natural in Markdown.

  1. If you use numbers,
  2. they are formatted automatically.
  • To create an unordered list, use either
    * asterisks
    - or dashes.

Use dividers (sparingly :)

Simply use three dashes --- to get a divider like this:

How to center text or images

If you need to center a piece of text or an image, this is impossible with Markdown, but there’s a good news — Whaleshares supports some simple html tags and you’ll need exactly one of them.

To get this:
centered text
Use this: <center>centered text</center>

The same works for centering images.

Don’t overuse it however, or you’ll soon end up with all the post content centered, which isn’t good for readability.

How to use emphasis

Using emphasis selectively makes text more readable.

To get this: your text to make bold
Use this: **your text to make bold**

To get this: your text to make italic
Use this: *your text to make italic*

2. Quality images matter and finding them isn’t difficult

Images attract our attention first, greatly influencing the first decision a reader makes on your post: to read or not to read?

Select carefully the first image in your post — it’s is used as a thumbnail, so be sure it looks good in small size — easily recognizable, not too low in contrast, without complex details.

Where to get free high quality images? Just a few options of many:

You can use a free editor like Canva to combine images with text or create them from basic elements.

3. Some formatting practices to avoid


The problem with overemphasizing is that it lowers the overall quality of communication. When everyone shouts, it’s equally hard to be heard for everyone and we’re entering the spiral leading to total noise.

Avoid using any form of emphasizing on large chunks of text such as:

italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic italic

bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold bold

And probably the most abused one:




That’s all for now.

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