Discord Basics

Belonging to a community means being of help to other people instead of trying to wait until someone notices our talent.

If we talk about online blockchain / crypto communities, joining Discord communities of your liking can be worth the investment of time.

Discord was designed for gamers and that’s exactly why it is so convenient for fast group and one-to-one text or voice chat. It has lots of features including group voice chats, sophisticated notification system and powerful chatbots.

Signing up for Discord is free, and it takes just seconds — you only need to choose a username (later you can set up a nickname for each chat server separately if you wish).

One point that is a bit misleading in the beginning is that there can be many users with the same name, differing only by a special ending (four digits called Discriminator next to a user name), so @coolguy#1234 and @coolguy#5678 are different users.

Another point is that while you’ll be able to enjoy all of the chat functions without entering your email address, it’s very important to claim your account by verifying your email address after you signed up. This will ensure that you keep your username and discriminator, as well as remember all the chat servers you’ve joined.

After joining a chat server, read its rules. Most servers have a special channel for newcomers with the basic rules. Also don’t forget to check for pinned messages in each channel before you start chatting (the pin icon at the top right corner).

If you joined a large server, go to notification settings (at the top left corner, under the chat server name) and switch off notifications for all messages (leave Direct mentions on). Otherwise you’ll be notified about every new message appearing in every channel, which can be very frustrating.

After that, go to an appropriate channel, introduce yourself and start socialising.

Oh, and there’s an important add-on to your Discord experience: notification bots. Afia bot (register here) will let you know in real time who did what on Whaleshares. GINA notification bot (register for it at Minnow Power Discord server) will tell you the same about Steemit.

Discord Etiquette

  • Join a community to network, not promote. Invest your time in it, be helpful, become involved.
  • Be polite and friendly.
  • Drop links to your posts only to the designated post promotion channels.
  • Don’t direct message people you don’t know, especially with links to your posts or other offers.
  • Don’t ask for votes / follows / etc.

To find online discord communities to join, you can search for public discord communities here. Another way to find new communities is through footer banners of your favorite authors. The official Whalehares Discord is here. One of the largest Steemit communities is Minnow Support Project.