Vitaly Kolesnik

February 1, 2019

ScribbleGuild Is Building A Feedback Network. Are You Dedicated Enough?

ScribbleGuild is looking for committed and ambitious writers for a Feedback Network We’re about to set up offline critiques. This will enable writers to share their best work without invalidating it for publication. The bridge between blogging success and selling your work is a hard one to cross and with a network of help and advice, things get much easier. We’re looking to work as a team and reward participants with scribblecoins With a group we can support each other. […]
January 20, 2019

The ScribbleGuild Ethos – Explaining The ScribbleStar!

A good logo should have a meaning. Ours certainly does. Here’s what the ScribbleGuild star stands for: Community Writing can be a lonely pursuit. A community of writers can lessen isolation and provide useful support Feedback Examining the work of others helps us to see our own work objectively Reading All writers need to read. How else do we benefit from the geniuses of the past? Knowledge Understanding the craft, your strengths and weaknesses and your own psychology is crucial […]
January 16, 2019

ScribbleGuild is Launched!

What is ScribbleGuild? Think of your ideal writing environment on the net. From monetising your first scribblings of any writing project and getting feedback, to finding help with placing your work in print publications, ScribbleGuild aims to be the ideal writing environment for writers and bloggers of all levels. Set up to help writers; when sharing their work, offering critiques or even just interacting with others, ScribbleGuild is all about building a community of writers who help each other improve, […]