The ScribbleGuild Ethos – Explaining The ScribbleStar!

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January 16, 2019
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February 1, 2019
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The ScribbleGuild Ethos – Explaining The ScribbleStar!

A good logo should have a meaning. Ours certainly does. Here’s what the ScribbleGuild star stands for:


Writing can be a lonely pursuit. A community of writers can lessen isolation and provide useful support


Examining the work of others helps us to see our own work objectively


All writers need to read. How else do we benefit from the geniuses of the past?


Understanding the craft, your strengths and weaknesses and your own psychology is crucial to moving past all sorts of limitations


We now have a way to reward all aspects of writing from drafts to finished work – Shouldn’t we use it to the fullest?


Perfect first drafts are rare. Learning to reassess and rewrite and to see with fresh eyes is crucial to creating our best work.


Mastery of a subject requires 10000 hours of dedicated work. Why would writing be any different?

With these principles a ScribbleGuild writer has everything they need to succeed!

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