ScribbleGuild is Launched!

The ScribbleGuild Ethos – Explaining The ScribbleStar!
January 20, 2019
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ScribbleGuild is Launched!

What is ScribbleGuild?

Think of your ideal writing environment on the net.

From monetising your first scribblings of any writing project and getting feedback, to finding help with placing your work in print publications, ScribbleGuild aims to be the ideal writing environment for writers and bloggers of all levels.

Set up to help writers; when sharing their work, offering critiques or even just interacting with others, ScribbleGuild is all about building a community of writers who help each other improve, earn and grow.

Competitions, weekly radio shows, teaching, critiquing, workshopping, special features, networking and even just chatting with other like minded members can all help you improve as a writer and get much more out of every stage of the writing process.


But there are other writing platforms all over the internet. What’s different?

The professional publication of poetry, stories and other writing almost always requires first publication rights. This issue has stopped Steemit reaching their full potential. ScribbleGuild is planned with the upcoming communities feature in mind which will allow writers to showcase, workshop and polish their work whilst earning. (Until this feature is rolled out, we will use member-only Discord channels to keep our work private.)

This will mean that writers of all levels will find ScribbleGuild useful.


How will it work?

Running in tandem with a Discord channel, we can take the great features of Whaleshares and combine them with real time chat and a voice community. And by grouping together to make a dedicated community, we’ll be able to attract great writers, speakers and teachers. In addition, the international competition with cash prizes run by @laureate will be hosted on Scribbleguild – bringing ambitious creative writers to the platform.

By allowing you to monetise your pre publication writing, offering a lively community with all the bonuses of energetic workshopping and critiquing and even the possibility for break through writers to showcase their work to influencers and agents, ScribbleGuild aims to be the best writers community on the net.

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